The Product-Relationship-Management System

remberg’s Product-Relationship-Management (PRM) System is a Software-as-a-Service solution for equipment manufacturers who want to get more out of their equipment.  The PRM uses an IoT-data connection to the equipment manufacturer’s products to provide:

  • more uptime
  • more margin
  • more customer satisfaction

remberg Modules

The remberg PRM-modules lead to a significant increase in customer satisfaction, since the equipment manufacturer can change from reactive to proactive customer service and transform to customized digital business models offerings.


Instead of being called with a problem, call your customers proactively with a solution based on your products’ IoT-connectivity.


Gain margins by offering additional services, products, consumables or spare parts based on the usage data of your products.


Simulate digital business model offerings such as Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) or Pay-per-Use based on historical IoT-data.

  • remberg‘s PRM is the go-to solution for equipment manufacturers that want to transform their organisations from “sell and forget” to IoT-data-driven digital service offerings.

    Heinrich Munz - Lead Architect Industry 4.0 at KUKA AG